Child Safety Seat Program

What is more tragic than the loss of life or serious injury to an infant or small child? Car accidents are the leading cause of death for children under five years of age. That is an especially tragic statistic because most of the deaths and serious injuries could be prevented.

According to Mississippi law, all children under the age of 4 must be protected by a child passenger restraint device or system.

All children between the ages of 4 and 7 and are less than 4 feet 9 inches tall or weigh less than 65 pounds must be protected by properly using a belt positioning booster seat system.

If infants and children had the benefit of a special Child Car Seat each time they travel in a vehicle, the number of deaths and injury could be greatly reduced. That is why Farm Bureau established the Child Saver Program, to make protecting your child as easy for you as possible.

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