Young Farmers & Ranchers

The Young Farmers and Ranchers program is designed to develop young people into the leaders that will someday guide Farm Bureau. Educating young farmers about the purpose and function of Farm Bureau and providing opportunities for them to participate in the program structure of Farm Bureau will prepare them to assume roles of leadership in the organization.
The YF&R program is designed for younger members, ages 18 – 35, who share an interest in improving themselves and agriculture. They are encouraged to use their own knowledge and the information gained about Farm Bureau to help formulate policies and programs that can lead to solutions to their problems.
Each year, the Young Farmer & Rancher Department sponsors the YF&R Achievement Award. County winners compete at the district level and district winners compete at the state level. The state winner represents Mississippi in the American Farm Bureau YF&R Contest.

The YF&R Department also sponsors the YF&R Excellence in Agriculture Award each year. This contest is designed to recognize the accomplishments of contestants that derive the majority of their income from efforts other than agriculture but are involved in farming and Farm Bureau.

One of the most interesting and rewarding programs sponsored by the YF&R department in the Discussion Meet where young people get together to discuss issues and problems affecting their way of life.
The Young Farmers and Ranchers program also sponsors scholarships for deserving students.
For more information contact Samantha Laird at 601-573-7913.

2016 Young Farmers and Ranchers State Committee

Term Expires  2016
Term Expires  2017

Region 1

Chad and Edna Swindoll

Luke and Morgan Andrews

Region 2

Scott and Crystal Graves

Collin Ray Hutcheson

Region 3

David and Rebekkah Arant

Jon and Tori Carson

Region 4

Will and Kelly Skinner

Matt and Brandi Karisch

Region 5

Parker and Anna Carol Evans

Brian Layton

Region 6

Blake and Erin Rogers

Brett and Memorie Sanford

Region 7

Adam and Laurie Steele

Matthew and Lauren Guedon

Region 8

Jarrod and Haley Massey

Young Farmer Achievement Award Winner

Billy and Cala Tabb

Discussion Meet Winner

Tedrick Ratcliff

Young Farmer Excellence in Ag Award Winner

Matthew and Gaea Hock

2016 State Young Farmer and Rancher Officers

David Arant – Chair

Parker Evans – 1st Vice Chair

Erin Rogers – 2nd Vice Chair

Kelly Skinner – Secretary